Save Our Post Office Petition

Important links - please help save our Post Office institution by signing these petitions:

1. Center for American Progress
2. American Postal Workers Union (APWU) petition
3. A Grand Alliance to save our Public Postal Service

Petition by Jerry Stidman

1. Repeal HR 6407 the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. The Congressional Bill that requires the post office to prefund retiree healthcare benefits 75 years in advance. It also defines how a postal facility is to be closed.
2. Speed up our nation's mail. Return service standards for the mail to standards used before July 2012.
3. Reopen all mail processing plants closed since 2010 and discontinue the practice of closing mail process plants in the future.
4. Expand retail hours at our nation's post offices. Establish a program to postmark first class mail at all retail facilities.
5. Continue to deliver mail six days a week.
6. Offer new products and services at local post offices retail counters. Maximize the number of rural post offices.

Why is this important?
The post office does not have weak finances. It suffers from bad legislation. I want to see Congress move in the right direction on postal legislation.
This cause is close to my heart - please sign: